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Intelligent Alert Routing

Ultimate Ops for Tech Squads

Superior Alert Management

Focus on improving your customer experience by letting us handle the deluge of alerts that you have to deal with.
With features ranging from alert deduplication, urgency levels, on-call scheduling and service-level ownership, we make sure that the right team members get informed - every time.


Incidents can happen anywhere. Which is why we integrate with a wide variety of tools used by your tech team, ranging from ticketing software to monitoring tools, so that you never miss a beat - right from when you're a founding team to when you have 50 engineers on board.
If we don't already integrate with a tool you use, let us know, and we'll set it up.

Infra Timelines

We understand that incident triaging can be a team sport - with critical information and updates that need to be shared across the team, and documented for root cause analysis.
We offer superior infra timelines that combines information from the various tools you use - logging, monitoring, and chat.

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